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What started as a hobby to explore my creative side has grown over the years to a joyful obsession and part time profession. I'm Dave Claypool, and I have a passion for photography - I have eight years of experience shooting with Canon digital SLR cameras and lenses and I have applied my engineering background, my creative insight, and my intense desire to catch people having fun to preserving memories and life's views in wonderful ways.

My primary focus is shooting on-site for a variety of events, customized photo booths, and candid shots working with both the light the world gives me and filling in with my own when I need it. From private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, sports events, to weddings, I adapt my shooting style to each client and know how to showcase each event. I also set up and run autonomous or attended photo studio style photo booths tailored to your environment and needs. I have the now-ingrained technical knowledge, an extensive selection of the right tools, along with the on-the-fly wit and creativity required to shoot successfully, unobtrusively, and take photos your guests will love - all while they are otherwise having fun and living the moment.

My rates are quite reasonable and based on the type, location, and duration of the event and the nature of the work. Drop me an email with your needs and I'll gladly give you a quick estimate along with my view of the work to be done.

But all that aside, browse my galleries below and see for yourself if you like what I do. I am a research scientist for the U.S. Navy: This is not my full-time job: I do this for the people in the photos, the causes I support, the fun being had in the shots, and the thrill of capturing a shot that a friend didn't realize they would love. If you're interested in having me shoot for you, please feel free to get in touch.


David J. Claypool

Kalorama Photography

Email: david.j.claypool@gmail.com

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